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  • The water (2H2O) mixes with Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2 to become slurry (Ca(OH)2) which cannot be reused and need to be discharged in the form of waste.

  • The Acetylene plant can be safely operated continuously in batches of 7 - 8 hours each. Up to 3 batches can be conducted daily hence the plant can be run continuously 24 hours a day.

  • Our carbide process & crush plant is located in Inner Mongolia, which is near carbide raw material place. We welcome all the valuable & precious customers visit us from all over the world.

  • It is usually within 20 days after receiving the deposit or original L/C.

  • Typically, the gas yield of the particle size 80-120mm, 50-80mm, 25-50mm is 295L/KG.The relationship between the gas yield and calcium carbide is as following.CaC2 (%)63.1468.5272.5473.8975.276.5777.9180.6Gas Yield(L/Kg)235255270275280285290300

  • We will take a lot of sampling testing second time during carbide processing to ensure products with good gas yield. We often do air pressure testing to drums, ensure carbide drums seals tight and safety.Different sizes stored separately to avoid size mixing.We will take sampling test again before goods loading, ensures loaded goods with correct weight, sizes, gas yield and quantity.Our carbide Pr...